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2021 Wulian Hongbang technology - Recruitment profile


1、 Company profile

Wulian Hongbang Resource Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based environmental protection enterprise producing new building materials, with a total investment of 320 million yuan, covering an area of 139 mu. It has a complete production workshop, laboratory, staff dormitory, canteen, office building, product exhibition hall, etc.

The company's heat and sound insulation material project is a key project in Rizhao City.

Enterprises are technology-oriented, with high degree of automation and mechanization and low labor intensity of employees; The workshop environment is good and three shifts are implemented; Pay five insurances, and have many employee benefits such as post subsidy, technical subsidy and meal subsidy.

Now we are looking for new colleagues. We sincerely invite talents to join us to create a bright future for Wulian Hongbang technology.

2、 Basic requirements: patriotic and law-abiding, good conduct, good health, sense of responsibility, abide by the rules and regulations of the enterprise.

3、 Salary and welfare

Salary: 4000-6000 yuan for male workers and 3000-5000 yuan for female workers. The salary will be paid on time without delay.

There are post subsidies and technical subsidies for special posts and technical jobs.

Welfare: 1. Social security and medical insurance for employees; 2. Dormitory and canteen for employees; 3. Free training and study

4. Festival welfare, meal supplement 5, work clothes and labor protection supplies 6, staff physical examination

Working hours: three shifts in production department, other departments according to post arrangement.

Probation period: 3 months. The probation period can be ended ahead of time if you have relevant working experience and pass the examination.

4、 Recruitment position

(1) Male and female general workers: 15. Raw materials, kiln, cutting, packaging, finished product warehouse and many other jobs.

18-50 years old, junior high school or above, higher education is preferred. Working experience is preferred, no paid training experience.

(2) Technician, reserve cadre, workshop team leader: 6. Under 45 years old; Technical secondary school or above. Electrical automation, automation control, mechatronics and other related majors, or ceramic factory, tile factory experience is preferred

(3) Laboratory R & D personnel: 4. College degree or above; Silicate, ceramics and other related majors are preferred.

(4) Sales Manager: 2. Technical secondary school or above, under 40 years old, sales experience is preferred.

(5) Sales Director: 1. 15000 + per month. Under 45 years old, high school degree or above, more than 3 years of sales experience, have the ability to independently lead the team to explore the market, dare to challenge the sales task.

(6) Security personnel: 2. The treatment is discussed in person; 18-55 years old, good conduct, good health, veterans preferred.

(7) Office clerk: 1. 20-35 years old, college degree or above, familiar with office software.

(8) Statistics, cost accounting, cashier: 3. Below 45 years old, technical secondary school or above, familiar with office software, careful. Accounting certificate or related working experience is preferred.

5、 Address: Hongbang technology factory, circular economy industrial park, jiejie Town, Wulian County (tiaogou North)

6、 Tel: +86 186 6333 9936, Manager Sui ;+86 199 0633 5528 General manager Chen

[welcome to inquire and interview]

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