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Wulian Hongbang Technology

Company profile

Wulian Hongbang Resource Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative and energy-saving high-tech building materials enterprise, which is committed to using slag, slag and other solid waste to produce new building materials and realize the sustainable development of resource recycling. The company has nearly 20 years of experience and team in using solid waste to produce environmental protection building materials.

Guided by science and technology and conforming to the development trend of prefabricated buildings, the company will invest 320 million yuan in the new project of thermal insulation materials in 2019. The foamed ceramic insulation board with the advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, flame retardancy, light weight, high strength, near zero water absorption, simple construction and easy assembly is produced by using Wulian stone sawdust waste。

The company is committed to the design, R & D and production of new building materials to meet the functional requirements of green buildings. We regard environmental protection as the production basis and mission requirements of our products. 

Products come from nature and belong to nature. The main raw material of the product comes from the stone saw mud waste, which perfectly presents the recycling of resources. The company will continue to write a new chapter in the development  of resource recycling, green environmental protection and energy saving building materials.

Corporate Stockholder:Shanghai fengxiu Consulting Management Co., Ltd,Shandong Liansheng new building materials Co., Ltd,Rizhao Hongbang Mining Co., Ltd .

Enterprise tenet:Innovation, win-win cooperation, environmental protection and social service