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Light weight heat insulation board is the basic building mat


Near zero energy consumption building is another hot spot after prefabricated building. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued "near zero energy consumption building standard" GB / t51350-2019, which was issued on January 24, 19 and implemented from September 1, 2019. The near zero energy consumption building adapts to the climate characteristics and site conditions. Through the passive architectural design, the demand of building heating, air conditioning and lighting is minimized. Through the active technical measures, the energy equipment and system efficiency are provided to the maximum extent. The renewable energy is fully utilized to provide a more comfortable indoor environment with the least energy consumption. The indoor environmental parameters and energy efficiency indicators meet the requirements of the national standard According to the technical standard for near zero energy consumption buildings (GB / t51350-2019) (implemented on September 1, 2019). Foamed ceramics is one of the few new basic building materials that meet the near zero energy consumption building standards.

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