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Quality advantage of light heat insulation board


Compared with traditional heat insulation and sound insulation materials such as aerated concrete, thermal insulation mortar and organic thermal insulation materials, the lightweight heat insulation and sound insulation board not only has excellent heat insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound insulation and other properties, but also has the following incomparable characteristics: first, due to high temperature calcination, the compressive strength can reach more than 8 MPa, which is far higher than other similar materials, so it has a wide range of application The second is that the combustion performance reaches A1 level, with fire resistance performance of power plant firebrick type, especially suitable for external thermal insulation system and fire isolation belt with higher fire protection requirements; the third is that it has excellent cold and freezing resistance, with water saturation, no crack falling off in 4 hours under - 15 ~ 20 ℃ environment, which can meet the building antifreeze requirements in cold areas; the fourth is that it has high strength, large area and convenient construction The supporting structures used in the assembly buildings currently being promoted can significantly shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost. The five is the superior performance of self insulation and anti-aging, which will not reduce the thermal insulation function due to the moisture absorption of the thermal insulation materials or other reasons, and overcome the fatal weakness of other insulation materials, such as aging, short life and fear of open fire, so that the wall insulation system and the buildings will have the same life span and lower maintenance. Maintenance costs.

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