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What is lightweight insulation board?


Lightweight insulation board, also known as foam ceramic, referred to as LC board. It is a kind of closed cell ceramic material with high porosity, which is made of ceramic waste, stone waste, metal tailings, coal gangue, fly ash and other industrial waste as the main raw materials, through powder processing, with other inorganic additives, using advanced production technology and foaming technology, and calcined at 1200 ℃. The product has small volume density, low thermal conductivity and no radioactive harmful substances. Our company plans to produce heat insulation and sound insulation materials, mainly using stone waste sawing as the main raw material. The foam ceramic wallboard produced by this company has many excellent points, such as heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, heat preservation, high strength, anti-aging, quick freezing, quick freezing, long service life, wide application range, easy assembly and so on.

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