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Scientific and technological innovation brings green speed to the old stone city


What is Wulian?

Wulian is a green mountain - there are Wulian mountain with "wonderful show without reducing wild goose swing", and nine immortals of "today's pressure on Jingdong". It is difficult to know wild flowers and cradles, only the Tai Chi mountain, where green mountains are like hometown; This is the largest wild azalea habitat in the north of the river, with a forest greening rate of 58%; Here, the canyon waterfall, four seasons like painting, beautiful.

Wulian is the hometown of trees and fruits - there are crystal like cherries, red, tender and crisp apples, sweet and delicious chestnut, juicy and refreshing golden pear. Here, people in the dense tea fragrance. Watch egrets hover low; Here, people experience the beauty of nature in the green and green mountains. The hometown of forest and fruit, green mountains and waters are the responsibility and mission of the Wulian people to inherit from generation to generation.

Wulian is a stone resource rich area - there are the best granite mine resources, Wulian red, wulianhua and other stone materials, which are exported continuously. In more than 50 countries and regions, a construction community with a posture of thousands has been established.

Transmutation —— change waste into treasure

However, the five lotus is not only these. The sawdust produced by stone processing in Wulian is up to 3 million tons per year. How to realize the evolution of development ideas, turn waste into treasure, recycle, how to transform and upgrade and achieve high-quality development?

The priority of concept is more important than the priority of resources. In 2018, Wulian stone recycling economic Industrial Park was established, which focuses on promoting the transformation of the whole industry from five aspects, such as development mode, development direction, industrial technology, industrial benefits and leading force, exploring the development path of green stone, and playing a strong role in the movement of innovation driving forward.

After nearly four years of investigation and research, Wulian stone recycling economic Industrial Park, the first high-tech enterprise for environmental protection, successfully landed, and Wulian Hongbang Resource Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. became the first crab eater.

"Wulian has a large amount of stone sawdust, which just meets our raw material requirements. With the most advanced high temperature porcelain technology in China, sawdust waste can be produced into light heat insulation and sound insulation insulation board." Talking about technology, Liu Feng, project leader of Wulian Hongbang Technology Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the comprehensive utilization of building materials waste. Although there are 15 years of comprehensive utilization and management experience of solid waste, the recycling of sawdust is a completely different field.

"Sawdust is a complex and complex material with a large amount of crushed stone and soil. Traditional technology is difficult to achieve effective utilization. We cooperate with Nanjing University, Shandong University of technology and Guangdong Keda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in ceramic machinery industry in the world, and adopt a new comprehensive utilization plan. At present, it is in Shandong Province and even in the whole Jiangbei, We are the first and largest enterprise to make use of sawdust on a large scale. " Wulian Hongbang Resources Technology Co., Ltd. circular economy project technical director said.

The development of circular economy is a big subject of industrial upgrading and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Scientific and technological innovation undoubtedly plays an important supporting role. Only by promoting the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and economic development can we get through the great context of circular development. With the deepening implementation of national environmental protection policy, the control of mining will be more and more strict. The production of light insulation materials with stone sawdust can not only alleviate the environmental pressure, but also fill a huge gap.

With the development of mining stone industry for more than 30 years, the sawdust stock in Wulian County is very amazing. For the recycling of sawdust, there have been various assumptions, but they have not achieved satisfactory results. The foaming porcelain technology of Wulian Hongbang Technology Co., Ltd. will solve this key technical problem once and for all. The most difficult thing is that this technology is not picky about raw materials, Mud and sand and gravel. All the people who come in will not refuse.

"Our production process has achieved that raw materials are all from the waste materials and waste slag of surrounding tailings, together with low-grade primary mineralized substances, and appropriate additives are added, and no external mining is required. This saves us a lot of purchasing and transportation costs. " Talking about landing in the circular economic Park, Liu Feng's words are full of surprises and gratitude. Their team rolled a stack of technical patent certificates, and Wulian stone industry park, environmental protection department leaders and experts once went up and down the south, Ordos in the north, Fujian and Guangdong in the south, and turned around, finally taking root in the mountains and waters of Wulian.

Layout —— transformation and upgrading

In winter, the mountains and the bleak contain vitality. In a 600 meter factory, more than 500 meters of production line equipment has been put in place. In the near future, raw materials from sawishan will continue to flow into the production workshop, and after grinding, pulping, powder making, aging, high temperature porcelain and other processes, it is regarded as waste sawdust ", It is a light heat insulation and sound insulation board (foam ceramic board) which is a kind of assembly building material. It has many advantages, such as heat insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, light weight, high strength, near zero water absorption, moisture-proof and mould proof, good stability, easy construction, easy assembly, and reusable, etc., which can be directly used for building wall insulation, It can replace the thermal insulation mortar and organic thermal insulation material in the field of building thermal insulation. Because of its anti-aging characteristics, the insulation system of the wall will have the same life as the building. This is not available for the existing thermal insulation mortar, insulation filling materials and various organic insulation materials, but also the research focus of "building insulation materials farewell to organic materials and realize inorganic" which is the common concern in the world.

"You see this foam ceramic board, each hole is a small space. Therefore, it has a very light weight, floating on the water surface, and it can be applied to the building. Regardless of the interior partition indoor ceiling and roof insulation, the building weight can be greatly reduced and the number of reinforcement is reduced. The thickness of ordinary masonry wall is more than 20 cm. However, it only needs 10 cm for using this kind of foam ceramic board, and it is sound insulation and moisture proof, The effect is much better than that of ordinary building materials. " The technical director of the circular economy project of Wulian Hongbang resources and Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is telling us.

The whole production line of foamed ceramic plate forms a complete environmental protection circular economic industrial chain, and saw mud can be used efficiently without secondary pollution,. Each production line can produce 800000 square meters of environmental protection building materials, which has the conditions of large-scale industrialization. Because of the epidemic, the long rainy season in summer has brought great impact on the construction of the plant, but Hongbang science and technology is full of expectation for the future“ Environmental protection high-tech enterprises must achieve a certain amount of production to produce benefits. After the completion of the project, the annual treatment of sawdust is about 1 million tons. We plan to realize two production lines in 2021, four lines in three years, six lines in five years and 20 in ten years; The above production lines can digest all the new saw mud in Wulian and realize the most negative growth of saw mud storage. This is our vision and the biggest return on the land that breeds us. " Liu Feng is confident in the development prospect of foamed ceramic board.

The conclusion of the idea leads to the innovation system of the park supporting market leading, enterprise subject, scientific research institutions participation and the combination of government, industry, education and research. Grasping the green and low carbon cycle, the "golden key" to open the door of high-quality development, the Circular Economic Industrial Park is taking the cultivation of characteristic industries as the driving force to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The plan of action has been laid out to promote the intensive utilization of resources, industrial cluster development and regional linkage development, build the largest artificial stone production base in North China, and form a strong and strong development pattern with the existing natural stone processing industry.

——Innovation is the driving force leading development. At present, six top ten industrial projects of sawdust utilization have been introduced in the Circular Economic Industrial Park, which cultivate new economic growth points, and strive to improve the quality and benefit of economic development, which laid a solid foundation for the new development of green demonstration zone.

——Take quality benefit as the basis, and promote the industry to move forward to the middle and high end. We should pay more attention to the integration of standardization and scientific and technological innovation, and promote the construction of circular economy standardization and quality display supervision system by improving the enterprise standardization and quality management ability.

——Take ecological environment protection as the grasp, and lay the foundation of green development. The circular economy industrial park takes the establishment of circular industrial system as the main line, promotes the symbiosis and collaborative utilization of links among enterprises, parks and industrial regions, and greatly improves the comprehensive utilization efficiency of resources.

"Technology landing and enterprise development cannot be separated from the strong support of the government, and also declared the national pollution control and comprehensive utilization fund project bank for us. This is our big gift package for the year 2021, and our strength is more than enough." Liu Feng, head of Wulian Hongbang Resources Technology Co., Ltd., firmly believes that the support of the government is the driving force for their development.

The green industry has increased the "gold content" of green water and green mountains, which is a new practice of the transformation and upgrading of Wulian mountain city and the promotion of high-quality development with the new development concept, and the green speed of the "old" stone city.

(reporter: Xu Yuan)

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